Anya Pesce’s Fantastik Plastik series is primarily concerned with the elements of surface, material and colour. With an interest in painting and post-minimalist concepts arising from the critical discourse surrounding abstraction and non-objective work, Anya's work combines elements of hard-edged geometrical shapes counterbalanced by softer, gestural drapes.


The historical reference to ‘Finish Fetish’ refers to art made in Los Angeles in the 1960s, when artists explored the interaction between the artist’s hand and manufacturing.

'Floating Gesture', 2015
Fantastik Plastik
Install shot
Fantastik Plastik
Install Shot
'Big Red Gesture' 2015
'Dark Red Hang, 2015
'Big Red Gesture' 2015 - alternative angle
Detail 'Big Red Gesture'
'Red Gesture' 2015
Install Shot - studio installation national art school
'The Red Painting' 2015